Who understands better?

Could I possibly add another ounce of guilt to the current heap I carry around, of being a mother pushing into the little dictionary of words, my son has so carefully constructed in the two years he’s been in this world,words like ‘project’,’assignment’ and ‘exam’?

Way too early for him to associate anything with these burdening words but he has no go as his mother couldn’t give him a  better explanation as to why she wouldn’t be able to make his ‘Thomas and friends’ railway track or meticulously place one building block over another to make the tall standing ‘Burj Khalifa’.What could I tell him in justification when that little hand pulled my little finger till he bounced back with my force of protest .

So here I am,I have to tell him each time, I have a ‘project’ to submit in the evening..I have an ‘exam’.He would then look at me with great consideration and repeat what I said, “You have a project?”And bang!There I think,he’ s understood it all.Really?At that point of time is when realization strikes that perhaps he understands me better than I understand his potential of understanding.I feel so sorry for his attempt at trying and consoling himself that he doesn’t have his play mate to join him park his Lightning McQueen cars for the seriousness the new words in his vocabulary echo.

His little voice screams inside me to get up and do something,play with him,drink his  make-believe tea,give answers to his endless questions,watch Babytv with him,most of all remain his first and favorite friend always..If only the heaviness of these words would let go off me as much as it is clinging on to my little baby.



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