“You look fat.”


“Relax man,I was just kidding!”


If yes, then its so totally convenient to take that approach to framing what you couldn’t resist but say, but yes, also would regret the not resisting..This is just an example(though I do get that quite a lot),but no, this time it is genuinely an example.

I just came across one such use of carefully constructed style of using language.Maybe it could be one of the forms of sentence construction we could learn at language school.

It so happens that I walk into a place(I d rather not specify where) and get the “Oh please come, I was so looking forward to bombarding onto you” look and I with my little common sense,sense the situation.My questioning, wonder filled eyes gave me away..His eyes had the reply to what my expression gave me away for..”yes You”.

And there, I was presented with an ‘issue’.Specifically an ‘issue’ !And the tone of communication was testimony to that as well.He spoke.It was over..Ok now lets proceed.(What??!!!)I wasn’t given chance.I made an attempt, but in vain.I just had to sit down and continue doing what was meant to be done like everyone else.

From then on,another two hours,I couldn’t concentrate one bit,fuming with anger ,for one, what he said was baseless(he said it because he had to say something) and two, I was furious with fuming anger(I do not know if I felt that strong a sentiment,but yes it was something that was close to that) planning what reply I could give to stand on equal plane or rather higher than his “Oh,I’m the big guy here stand.”

So if you picture me at the moment,I’ll look  irritant and helpless,planning in my brain with the effort great countries are made, the most settling answer I could ever frame.Anyhow,cutting down on the details and putting it plain..I was madly angry!

Coming back to this specific kind of language use I was mentioning, two hours had gone by,my answer was well drafted in my head and the day’ s work was done and yes, am waiting for this moment I could throw my  words at him.

Before I could settle the so called ‘issue’ I had with him and reach my third word,”Issue?..No,no its not an issue..It was just a mention..I just mentioned it to you!”(What??What about the answer, the anger, the careful drafting to make sure I have the right words).

Some people say, what they have to, irrespective of what, that part of their brain that deals with common sense tells them to resist and at the end of it all, there ‘s the “I can get away with anything” side of their brain that gives them the sauveness to just say,”Oh please,how could you be such a kid?I was just KIDDING!!”

Lets get my point very clear here!You want to tell me something,Make sure you really want to..If you think you ‘d like to be kidding..I take NO NONSENSE!

"Oh relax,I was just kidding!"

PS:Please don’t assume the ‘he’ to be my husband.If it was him,my eyes could resolve our problem.I’d never have to write to vent my irritation.:)

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