Desert Storms

The deserts.The truth is no matter how much of camouflage the greenery and skyscrapers have to offer,the traveller is almost at all times facing difficulty in surviving   its intense heat and storms.If this is the case of  a normal traveller,the one of a lost traveller is unexplainable.

Each of us here trying to survive the deserts have  a purpose,The primary being “survival”.Survival in all respects and possible explanations the word has to offer.Post survival, to walk across the sands,finding refuge from every storm,quenching the thirst of dried throats,over coming the deception of every mirage and guiding our camels to take us back home after the end of a very tiring journey.With the exception of a few,all of us come here with the purpose of getting back home.So our intentions are, when put in simple terms very simple.We come here to get back to where we belong with a little excess baggage,be it the extra load of happiness,better living,health or wealth.

If each of us here are travellers come to a similar place with similar intentions,then how do we differ?Our differences lie in the sand storms we encounter,the refuge we seek and the element of luck that helps us survive the harshness.The storm in each of our lives differ.Deserts are the backdrop,storms are many and so are the struggling travelers.

There is a certain degree of helplessness in each of us.No matter how much personality development classes may emphasize on living upto the ‘i am the best” to boost our concept on the self,it cannot be denied that each of us suffer from an unbeatable measure of helplessness at some phase of our life or some atom of our existence.In some of us it holds more prominence while in others there are only trace amounts.Some of our lives overshade the helplessness while others amongst us have their chronic helplesssness ruling and growling over their lives.

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