No more non-vegetarian food for Ajmal Kasab?

Its so hard to tell if its fury or shame that engulfs this moment. Ajmal Kasab, the only surviving attacker of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks in Indian custody, made it to one of the headlines of the Times of India on May 21, 2012.And for what reasons?For those of us wondering so,it is his diet!

Having felt,witnessed,seen or suffered the brutality of the horrendous day,the Indians or perhaps humanity is waiting for an explanation.Though no explanation could suffice to stand at par the fear and torture,there still survives an inclination in the hope for justice.

The headline states “No more non- vegetarian food for Ajmal Kasab”.Is this what India wants to know???

Is this in answer to the sacrifice of the martyrs?Is this what every family pushed into the dungeons of darkness post that horrendous day has in reply to ‘Why us’?

And what in the world does it mean when it is so stated, “he now gets to eat what other petty criminals eat”? Why was he given special treatment all the while?

I have read through the report more than 10times now,each time trying to forcefully convince myself that it  might make sense to have that piece of information in the newspaper.And every time I go through the lines, detailing, how he was fed non vegetarian on some occasions previously,now changed to a vegetarian diet,it infuriates me.Not to think of his diet,but to the profound importance placed upon his eating habits and timings ,raising him to the stature of a celebrity,when the people are fed Silence.

India watched and kept watching to the extent of desensitization.Blood then created tremors of rage than fear,And for all we know,one man was caught alive.Being responsible for the sheer helplessness of the day the Indians watched the attacks unfold, he has a punishment today.The  removal of meat from his diet!!!!

Could this quench the hunger for justice?

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  1. Kevin Sebastian says:

    Reblogged this on Paper boats on the Street and commented:
    Well said

  2. deepak says:

    The kid Kasab was given a gun and offered less than 2000 dollars to do this. Abject poverty,lack of oppurtunity,pitch dark ignorance,combined with fundamentalist poison injected into the viens could lead our kids do the same. The sad part is we all see till what the world shows us.

    If you read a lot more on the attacks there are loads of versions on kasabs arrest,our inteligence being lazy etc. Kasab is not our enemy nor is islam, listen to salman rushdie in india today conclave 2012.

    Am happy to see you have a point of view, let Yani get benefitted let him read and have a pair of glasses, lets call it wisdom

    1. wailanajabir says:

      The more I read,the more it infuriates.No matter how the circumstances shaped the ‘kid'(that you call),he has been a reason, so many other kids have been snatched away of childhood,of any possible circumstance they could have had for themselves. There is absolutely no justification to what he has done.

      Yes,like you said the problem and the sad part is we see only till what the world shows us,but let me tell you with a difference.We fail to see what it is to be the surviving wife who has lost her husband,because some man(or a kid according to you) with a bad circumstance was injected poison.WE fail to realize how it is be to be a child orphaned by the brutality by the ‘kid’.

      Since the past few weeks,I’ve been reading about Kasab through out and I have not in the slightest felt that there is chance of forgiveness for this man,who for his situation left the whole of a country in jeopardy!

      Any circumstance would come slapping on the face if it had to, when this man kept firing away and drowning people in pools of blood.His poverty,ignorance or lack of opportunity is not a justification in the smallest regard!

      and I still didn’t get your statement on wisdom!either there is or there isn’t wisdom,There is nothing we so call ‘wisdom’.

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