The Mirage

Silence looms. The occasional sighs put it at rest. A long wait. He waits and keeps waiting. It’s not long after. ”It’s a boy”.

He holds his little Prince in his hands. There is silence yet again. The silence of stare. It is that beautiful moment, when the father and son keep dazing at the wonder that is life. The silence breaks shortly after. ‘Click’. The little guy’s first photograph. The first pose. His first step towards the ambition of fame is well framed.

The dutiful answer of a child

Right from posting a photograph on Facebook, to uploading a video on YouTube, there is an unsaid desire for fame.Though with meanings to different people, the desire to be liked, to feel wanted is perhaps embedded in man’s need for a social life.

The kid today wants to live the reality of the reality show,setting easy targets at getting to where he wants to get-Fame. Every TV channel he flips by keeps screaming to him-‘get up, get noticed, that’s where life is’. The reality show has set today a trend that is really difficult not to notice. The promise of unreal expectations is perhaps what is most real of such television shows.

But again, why blame the kid who wants to be a star and not a doctor? That’s what the world is telling him everyday. The illusion of the popular reality show star could drive any one wanting to be famous. It purely depends on how the world paints it.An article in the Guardian explores why children reply to the question of their ambition with ,’I want to be famous’ mentions that one goes to where the respect is and the respect has gone to weird place.

When there have been changes in the perceptions of respect, there have come changes in ambition. Today, when the respect has gone to weird places, so have the kids.

With the start of the reality show, also started the trend of being able to do everything not famous to get famous. The kid is brought with the notion that there is nothing today, that can’t get one famous.

Nobody is a nobody anymore-Everybody is somebody

The most mundane act of losing weight could get one noticed. So one has the added advantage of already being noticed with size and keep getting noticed with diminishing size. What does the kid understand?

The little rat in Ratatouille knows, ’any one can cook’ and the little child in today’s world knows. ’Any one can get famous.’ Neither is it talent nor is it knowledge, all that is required is the will power. Will power in this context does not refer to the will power of achieving your ambitions, It is the will power of being able to do anything no matter how silly it maybe for there lies a huge reward at the end of it. People will then remember your name. Bingo! You are famous.

Fame may undermine as triviality the extent of time it will last.Adem Sibley,founder of the Young Talented People organization in an article on the child’s growing desire for instant  fame through reality shows notes that the reality show fame junkies “are lucky if we remember their name for six months give alone a year”

But to a child ho would all that come into perspective.All they see is the whole world goes ‘gaga’ over the stars who was a nobody yesterday.

A researcher at the Children’s Digital Media Center so rightly said “In the new millennium, people face messages highlighting the significance of fame everywhere they look.” The kid of today who watches every person next door make it so the television screen and have all that they desire for, is only too stupid if they don’t wish for the same. He is what he is expected to be.

The world expects.A child accepts.

Distant as it may seem, the mirage always pulls together hope. Blur it may be, the vision reflects clear. Water it may appear, an illusion is all that guides.


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