Sadourni’s Butterflies-Escaping the hermetic alienation

Dario Nardi’s film, Sadourni’s Butterflies is a story of desperation.It is a story of passion and betrayal. It is a story of a man who tries hard to escape the shackles of his physical appearance.

The film opens with a shot of a dwarf clown being taken in to prison. Right from that point, it leads the way to a dark and disturbing story. The film takes off with the dwarf Sadourni, played by Christian Medrano recounting his act of murder of his pregnant partner.

This Spanish film that pays homage to silent cinema flutters the silences of the mind with its shocking visual details. The film is shot in black and white, strengthening the timelessness and internal captivity of the characters. The eyes of the characters move the viewer to a tense and troubled position, more so because of failure of comprehension of the expressions.

Centred on Sadourni,who is released from prison, struggling in the holds of an estrangement from  society and attempting to change his physical appearance to fit within the societal norms of acceptance, it is at most scenes, difficult to come in terms with the parallel narratives.The narratives drown in the astonishing visual depictions making the film difficult to grasp.

Sadourni on his release from prison meets Nora who is an alliance of  his inmate at prison. The story of Nora and the inmate entwine in that of Sadourni’s only to reveal later the similarities of circumstances. He then  goes on to being a porn dubbing artist where he meets Alexia who falls in love with the dwarf. The money from the job is important to Sadourni who remains trapped in the unceasing desire to ‘grow’ into a part of the society.

Even at the end of the movie, the role and intentions of the character named Dr.Simonki who seems to help Sadourni in his attempts at ‘elongating’ himself remain unclear. Apart from the strewn details, it seemed extremely difficult to make sense of the proceedings of the characters. The movie allows the viewer to delve into a hermetic dark world of confusion.

The film is intense and so are its characters Sadourni, Nora,Alexia and Dr.Simonki. Each of them coupled with the brilliant camera close up angles, did their parts extremely well in heightening the element of suspense throughout the film,only to fail in revealing the purpose of the unduly intensified anticipation. The film can be recounted in parts but difficult to put together as a whole.

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