The blue in the grey

The parking space in front of our building doesn’t seem sufficient at most times to the building tenants. The barren land that lies ahead which is to soon be the parking space for a building in construction beside ours is thus also used most times by the renters of our building. So often it is parked with vehicles that no special notice need be paid to vehicles that keep parking in and off that space. Not to mention the sounds of the construction that has almost become one with the noises of the neighborhood. No sooner is one building constructed and ready for occupation that the cranes have arrived for another land that has just been evened to add another number to Dubai’s high raised buildings.


So common it is to see such buildings around that seldom are the workers paid any attention to. We have trained our eyes to pass off as invisible the blue uniforms that sprout across the cement and stones and pipes.


It is very rarely that I take my son down to play, but I realized I was making him a play-on-screen-only addict with the Ipad. It was high time I took him into fresh air and made him do some real play. It is a boring task I must say because there’s little one can do there. One such day when I took him down to play, I just sat and stared and stared at that empty land and saw in mind, pictures of what it would like in perhaps less than a few months till I saw the sand in that space rise and the dust in the air. It was that time of the day when amidst the grey tones of the construction, a group of people all dressed in blue ran towards the bus waiting for them to take them to where they go to wait for the next day. The day’s work isn’t done; a new set of blues has just arrived. Given the work in the scorching heat that could drain a person’s last bit of energy and the time of the day that remains in their hands, I guess there is little that they can do after being dropped off to wherever they belong.

But, in that dust that rose, rose the hopes of so many .In that dust rose their dreams. In their speed, rested their desire to make a living.

Hope lives on.

There, that day I saw a stark contrast between the kids who were noisily running on one side of the parking space and the men in blue running towards their buses in the blur of the sand that hid them. They both ran, one towards the future and the other, away from the present.

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