Its all PSEUDO.

What problems each of us have!!Phew!!!

The stress is pseudo.But nevertheless,Stress is stress.And each of us have our own share of it.

All the days of the year, the boredom bites me.And then, thankfully the exams come across, and the pseudo stress stings me. WIth sleepless nights,scowling clocks and the deafening silence of the long long nights, the irritation of entering the hall the next day seems to be the biggest stress that ever exists at that point.

And then I look at my little son.He looks very sad.And what was his stress? “Ms Beverly didn’t allow me to eat the biscuit today.” Wow! So colossal. In the snack box, with the croissants were four hide and seek biscuits.He ate his croissants so slow that the biscuits had to be left back in the box. It gave him so much pain.

I sit thinking about all this when the night creeps in and open Twitter. Its past 2 am in Dubai.There are rampant tweets about the police crackdown at Gezi park in Turkey. How significant do the exams look I wonder. How do the biscuits matter at all?

Does stress actually mean what the people there go through? Is it what tortures days battling to stay alive in Syria? Is it what the Prime Minister, Erdogan has to go through?

Now for evaluation, who stresses the most? Just like, when we sit in one part of the world and are oblivious to an existence outside our territory, does an individual’s stress also follow suit?

What matters most? Is it the exams? Is it the uneaten biscuit? Is it in Turkey? Is it in Syria?Or is it what I have? Is it what you have? Or does it all boil down to a placebo?


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  1. Achus says:

    U know why all these things bother you now?? Just coz u have to sit and study . This happens wd everybody, all the stress in the world runs through ones head then.

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