The ‘Can-Never-be-clichéd’ SUPERMOM!

There is no way superman will beat the supermom! Or just think of it, With my 3year old son sleeping on my shoulder, Stopped at the drive through of McDonalds, I remove my wallet from deep inside my bag (I guess its the same for all women who have to fish out stuff from their handbags. A task in itself), anyway pull it out and remove exact change. Now, the important bit, eat a BIG Tasty burger (don’t forget the sleeping baby on my shoulder), to add to the melting taste in the mouth I stuff two French fries from the corner of my mouth, sip on the orange juice and then take a bite again. Phew! Now the brilliance is not in the eating with the little fellow hanging on your shoulder, eating with such precision that the son doesn’t realize that such a process is ever taking place. For sure, superman would make more noise!

No, we aren’t done. The driver pulls the car in front of the building So lets see what we have here..a dangling son, a laptop, a handbag, a book and the oh-so-obvious fallen pair of tiny shoes. So now is when all the physics should be of use. How to arrange all the given items in proportion to the weight of the little boy and yet manage it against my own body mass and then cross the block and get up to the 14th floor? Nah superman you’d just fail!

Right from the pushing the front door of the building with the protruding elbow to the calling for the lift with the tip of the nose, the supermom knows it all. The brains with brawns that she is. So that’s till we get at the door. Now opening the front door is challenging for her as well. Too many things to balance and a sea in the handbag to search within. That’s the greatest part of the supermom; there is absolutely no defeat. With all the mighty energy, balance all elements on one side and then, after 2-3 drowning attempts, the key is thrown onto the shore.

Now picture  me, the supermom, son on one shoulder, items I know I shouldn’t have carried pressed to my chest, pinned with my chin and held with a raised knee, the door is finally opened. Phew! Release the clutch of my right arm, let the laptop and book down on the shoe rack and fling my slippers out with the heel of the other foot and rush to the room. Now…place the little guy on the bed. And you know what, he still sleeps as sound as in a rocking cradle. So supermom it is?

Many things are Clichéd.Supermoms never so! Each one, each moment, each task, each time, is different!

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