At the finish line.

So yes! The day is here.Its July 3,2013. A date I have been waiting for since September 26 2011. Two years. Doesn’t sound like much.But yes, if you take into account that my son has learnt to walk steadier from the tiny steps he took back then, that he has learnt to eat by himself, to sleep by himself,to wear his own shoes and that too on the right leg at all times,that he has more friends,that he goes to play outside and yes that he’s also finished nursery a definite lot has happened in the two years it took for me to complete my Masters today.

I cant complain all the time,can I?Its been a bumpy journey.Wont say much,it l just sound like the same thing,I know each of us have been so used to saying ever since the day of our last class 10,class 12 and at the end of all the years at college and so yes,without too much of change,I’d say now,if I made a start.So,no!I would not give you a chance to have to hear the same thing.

So what do I want to do now?Nah..not work!Instead,

Sit.Just sit on the corner of the couch,with my legs  stretched out,my eyes starting into the TV but hardly watching it..maybe staring somehere into the wall behind.

Bake.I want to bake.I’d love to infuse the house with the smell of freshly baked croissants,bread and cake.I’ve always been in awe of the descriptions Orhan Pamuk makes in his stories about Istanbul and smells of fresh bread from each home.(Thats my strongest driving force to wish to go to Istanbul)Back to what I want to.Just bake and drown in that smell.

Play.To play with my son with no nagging pull from a pending project or looming examination.Just play.Make buildings.Paint.Scribble.Hide and be his best friend again and again.Oh ya and listen to the never ceasing complaints from his little play friends..with PATIENCE this time round.

Home Makeover.I can hear Home Centre and Ikea call out to me.There are a lot of places I wish to go,but no wish greater than finding pleasure in shopping at these places.

Drive.Sounds like the driving license is in my wallet and I just have to get out and drive around.No,I mean initiate a drive to get to the driver’s licence.I don’t want to say learn driving. Because on this day I have an aversion to saying I want to go for CLASSES.No,at least not today.

Fall in love.Yes you heard it right.Fall in love again. Even with no complaints and an always grateful smile from my husband,I know that in these two years I haven’t done him too much of justice.My moods have been weathers,my cooking has been a even greater roller coaster and my attention has been like the smoke.So, it is my sincere promise to shed off the weight of an extra degree and go back to where I first began, melting in his looks and drooling in his attention.

With that said, on this day today, I hope to sleep tonight with the joy of having completed the challenge of completing my Masters after a  wedding and a child (I say this coz Ive had many  lovely ‘well wishers’ tell me  l definitely would drop it off half way), of making my father proud for fulfilling his ambition of wanting his daughter to do a Masters, of seeing the beaming joy in my husband for having never faltered in his solid support all along ,of finding relief and happiness in my lovely sister in law  for having always been so proud of me studying and going totally out of the way to make sure nothing comes between me and my books(not even my son),of finding friends who’ve made the maddening moments meaningful and lastly of wiping that one drop of tear that slips the eye,in salute of a task well done!


Rafeeka and Yaani,

Without the both of you, the race to the finish line would be all a blur.Love.









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