Service, Sex and Scandal in search of Spirituality

There is perhaps only one way to find God. Patience. It is the absence of this prime virtue that boosts the growth of the human God. Seeking spirituality in mortal existence is the biggest impetus to the human gods and goddesses that walk the surface of the earth. The technological development and the resulting speed, along with its many forms boosted the avatar of the human god. It rooted in man the need to seek God in the materialistic world for the wait for death seemed too long a process. Spirituality soon took the form of an over the counter drug that could fill the void that the material driven mortal who on the surface seemed to possess so much but at the same time possessed a deep hollow within waiting to be filled. And what could fill it better than an overdose of spirituality accompanied with promises of attaining inner peace, little realising all the drastic side effects, often ignored by the foolish mortal on overconsumption of any drug.

Holy Hell, I wouldn’t say is an eye opener, but is a definite metamorphosis of sorts. A metamorphosis of doubts into facts. In review, one thing can be spelt out clearly, for those who have forever harboured doubts about such tactful human gods/goddesses, the account of the behind the screen smiles of the much revered ‘Amma’, is an assertion of the claims they would have upheld so far. Yet, for the devotees who have been languishing in the gallows of blind faith, like is the case with all topics of religious debates, some form of counter justification is deemed to surface .It would be out rightly imprudent to my own tolerance levels to tag the patient devotees of human super powers to be foolish in any regard, but yes without any meant offence, it would not be wrong to call them ignorant, and most definitely impatient,especially after having read Gail Tredwell’s Holy Hell in one sitting, when I did gape at the screen many a times, frown with anger, squirm with disgust and smirk at revelation at a narration saturated with tales of service taken for granted,sex, sexuality,abuse and such deep rooted scandal  At the last line, more than pondering about the audacity of ‘Amma’ in imposing her self claimed super natural existence, what seemed way more irrational  was the absolute blind faith of the so many thousands and thousands of devotees so desperate to attain what seems to be spirituality and inner peace.

Spirituality is I believe, an awakening of one’s soul in attaining oneness with the Creator. It is the in vain attempt of achieving the much sought after spirituality using a mortal link to bond with God that rots the whole process of finding inner peace.

Holy Hell by Gail Tredwell is an account of 20 years of service and the relentless search for spirituality in the ashrams of Matha Amrithananthamayi commonly referred to as Amma, born as Sudhamani in a remote village in Kerala,India. The growth of Amma, her ashrams and later her multi million dollar business organization has been one that has been accompanied with massive speed and an ever expanding number of devotees.

All comments made are my own and based on opinions I have fostered in many years, but without doubt influenced by the stark confessions made by the author in her book Holy Hell.

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