We are beautiful just because we are.

I don’t know if it is because my husband very lovingly volunteered to cook for me on this Woman’s Day or if it’s the unusual bombardment of messages across the social media asserting the beauty of this Day, but yes for one I realize more than any other previous year, that the woman is an immense power. Each time I’d say she’s powerful  for the beauty she holds within herself and never refer to her power in terms of the sacrifice she makes each day. For keeping count of sacrifices would only pass of as a selfish act. Sacrifices,even otherwise, each of us make in some form or the other; Husband for the wife, father for his family, employee for the employer, mother for the child, sibling for sibling. So, no, its not the amount she as a person sacrifices that raises her to a platform of immense power. It is she as source of power in herself; it is her sense of self-power that she allows to dissolve with selfless pleasure in the desires of her husband, in the love for her father, in the tears of her child. I am no feminist and at no point desire to be one. For some reason, I believe upholding the strongest sense of feminism tampers her beauty as an individual and the way she has been created.

Her ability do be able to do all of that  men can do is again no measure of her strengths because when we make the slightest attempt to compare, we have already allowed ourselves to believe at some point that we are feeble and it simply features as our attempt at self consolation.It is not for any one of the reasons that we come across in the forwarded messages we receive on this day that state why we are beautiful. We are beautiful for being ourselves.We are beautiful for the way we have been created.We are beautiful for the way we are doted upon, we are beautiful for the pride we have being born as women,we are beautiful for the twinkle of our tears.On this Women’s Day I wish to surpass the many reasons we try to state to believe in our strengths as a woman and only say -We are beautiful just because we are.

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