The perfect CV, so we think. ;)

Look around us.Seldom do we find people who think like us,talk like us or behave like us.The very excitement we cant contain when we happen to come across that someone who mirrors our characteristics explains how such meetings are such a rarity.

Now,look at our CVs.We just start looking all the same all of a sudden.Here are some of the things you can spot on all our CV s alike .

1.We are all flexible.Some of us different being very flexible.But, on the whole flexibility is a solid selling point.

2.I also applaud how each of us can so work under pressure.We are all so good at handling pressure that we never have to complain about the road traffic, the nosy boss or the strict supervisor.What peaceful people we are. All of us, adept at dealing with so much.

3.Meeting deadlines is our prime quality. We could be the biggest procrastinators,but a look at our CV and you can be assured that it is among our biggest strengths that looming deadlines boost our efficiency.

4.Further, our attention to detail is immense.Some of us are even better.We are fanatic about detail,we say.

5.The introvert,the extrovert,the shy,the confident,we each possess perfect inter personal skills. Dealing with a colleague and most importantly dealing with them right is so our thing.

6. We are all so passionate about team work. The pesky colleague, the bossy girl on the next table, the
Mr-Know-It -All of the office doesn’t seem to bother any of us one bit.After all, we are each team players. Again, some a little better because they can lead a team.

7.I just made my CV last night, only realizing that I am no/so different.Of course, just like my colleague and supervisor and hiring manager and head of department, Ill be the asset to the organization, assuring them of my ability to think new, think different and be the perfect candidate they are in search of.

My father’s CV had all of this.Mine does.My husband’s does.Wonder, if anything will change when it comes to my children.


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  1. Nikhil says:

    I think a perfect CV is a misconception. There is no perfect CV. There is only a description of yourself (probably honest) which allows an employer to decide if you are fit for the role. Nevertheless this is a nice compilation of cliches! haha!
    My CV is my typed out elevator pitch! 😉

    1. wailanajabir says:

      And there, changed the title. 😀

      1. Nikhil says:


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