The Gender lesson


If the girls of today have to live with their heads up tomorrow,the boys of today need to be raised right.

This was what my Facebook and Twitter status read like yesterday.

My five year old son comes back today after school to tell me, “Ma,Girls are so lame.” This statement I thought was okay to a certain extent.It would meet its own rectification with time.He wasn’t done yet.”Aiden says”, he continued, “Boys can protect girls.”

This is exactly what needs to change. The very thought that girls are at a platform where they need to be protected. Of course, it comes across like the most right thing to do, protect them. It is however from such thoughts stem the vulnerability of a girl. The thought that the woman demands protection from her opposite gender, further deeming her feeble is often the start of portraying the woman as the weaker of the two.
Every man needs to know that a woman needn’t be guided to take the right decision.I don’t wish to say so and be understood in the wrong sense. What I mean is- if the little boys of today understand that the woman is as independent as they are, in matters of self defence and mature decison making, the women of tomoroow will meet men who view them less as objects and more as individuals at an equal plane.

Do not frame me a feminist.It is not even women’s rights I speak about. It is empowering the boy with the right gender education I stand for. If a mother can show her son that she is as confident and able as the father, if the sister needn’t hide topics such as her monthly period or be embarrassed about her changing body, if the father can treat the mother with as much respect as he often receives, things will change. They will.

The girl is strong.She is independent.She is not an object. She is so much more than her looks. She is bold. She is the centre of existence.These statements need less shouting out.They need to be taught to the girls less and boys more. Little fellows should know, being a woman is as great as being a man.


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