Kiss of Zephyr

Looking out of my apartment on the 14 th floor, the sky always looks bright. Sun kissed and brightly blue.It is so beautifully blue that the waters of Mamzar glow under its love,not in the least revealing its secret of faking originality.Watching the cars lined one behind the other,hardly moving at most times on the perfectly manicured grays of the road, you can say its summer. There is freshness. There is brightness. There is life.

Today, the sun is shy. Coy, under the magnificence of blue. The sky has dimmed. There is the blush of romance. calm of pleasure. Winter spreads across the frame, stroking the sky with her sensuality. The blue pines in her touch and gives away without too much of an effort. The breeze blows her hair and Mamzar quietens to allow zephyr make love with the welkin.There is quiet.There is romance.There is love.

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