Raising feminist sons

In response to a recent post about raising my boys right, I received a comment that said,’feminism and sexism overload’.

Woah! I thought to myself. I was only talking of young boys and raising them right. Is that really feminism? Would you still call it feminism, if instead of me, my husband posted it? He believes it is important to his boys that way too. So technically, I have a feminist husband. My father thinks that way too. Yay, a feminist father. I then also have a few more. Feminist boy friends. Feminist brothers. And hopefully, soon, feminist sons. I did say, ‘Let no girl feel little, because our boys feel big’. Is that the sexism bit of that post?

To whoever it may concern,

I intend no feminism here. Neither does sexism excite me. For a few years that we have to raise little boys right, allow us do so. We women know all men aren’t the same. It hurts us that our fathers, brothers, husbands, friends, the kind cab driver, the innocent gardener and all other such men have to be stereotyped too. We wouldn’t do that. So kindly stop assuming that every single word is thrown out at each of you. Please understand, this is the one chance we have, to raise our boys right. Let us give that a fair chance.

We do not live in a hypothetically equal society. The son in you, the father in you, the brother in you, the husband in you, know that. With the kind of things happening around us, you and I know there doesn’t exist any equality of sorts. Some of us live in terms with that. Some of some cringe for not being able to see change. Some of us fight a zillion battles within each day. Some of us talk and shout. That is about us, the generation of us today. When there is a chance, we have at hand, to shape and mould young boys today, so that tomorrow, both the girls and boys can stop having to shout about this, allow us a chance. I promise it will do no harm.

Feminism is a strong word. A big word. Do not use that term simply because a girl has chosen to speak.

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