#30to30 : Keep your wonder alive

There is one thing I can say with certainty from all these years. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that can be at par with the feeling that accompanies the simple pleasures of life. To soak in the sounds of the sea, the silence of the sky, the serenity of the sand. All the speed of our everydays demand, that we, every once in a while, rid ourselves of materialistic clutter, simply to feel what is,  in all its glory- Happiness. Not the technology assisted dopamine shots. But that kind of happiness that stirs the insides and lingers along as a smile strung to thoughts.

We are part of that lot of people who get ready mixed lemonade. Not blaming at all. Of course, it tastes absolutely fine. And then, once in a great while, if at all life decides to throws lemons at you, there is only one thing today, you and I can do. Simply soak in that freshness! Who knows for how long in this instant reward world, we will have such freshness thrown at us.

Feel the softness of your mother’s kiss. Smell a new born. Blow a dandelion. Scream into the stillness of the night.  Cling on tight to dad. Unleash the child in you. Count the stars. Pack a picnic basket. Go on a road trip. Look into the eye of your pet. Play your favourite childhood game. Don’t count those calories. Soak in the rain. Plant a vegetable. Allow nature play mind boggling games with you.  Keep your wonder alive. Keep your wonder alive. Keep your wonder alive.

Happiness can only be brewed within you. Everything else is hallucination






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