#30to30:Relationship Investment.

We are a ‘future-ready’ kind of a people. Every minute of our todays are harnessed for the days to come. Always on the run to tune our time, skill and energy in sync with a brighter future. It is a heavily loaded journey. One cant tag everything along. And the one thing most of us choose to leave behind to reduce the onus of the expedition are relationships.

Relationship investment is a real thing. It takes a lot to lose a relationship. It takes a lot more to keep one. There is not necessarily a certain code book to all successful relationships. It has its course. We cannot, but choose to sideline it and expect to have one just because it is meant to be. We are all a fragment of our relationships. Some failed. Some successful. Either have a profound influence.

Relationships are best treated like money. We can not afford to risk it. We can not afford to splurge it. We don’t take money for granted. We ought not to take relationships for granted too. Every relationship is an equation of time and a lot of effort.And every one of them, deserves the same. Even the ones with ourselves.

Without a deliberate effort, not all relationships die but the spark dwindles off. It applies to every one of them, even the ones we have with ourselves. And then there are some that have been the wrong investment. Such ones are best lost. Not regretted about.

There are no check lists to relationships. What works best for you, works.

relationship time




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  1. soulilogue says:

    Your notes are forcing me to go back to myself…a writer…once i was a prolific writer…but now i am so reluctant to wrte at d same time…so post your notes so that i feel inspired to start mine which i have shed on my to perform various roles assigned by life🤗

    1. wailanajabir says:

      I am so glad.. please don’t ever stop writing. I am sure you write in your head every day. All you need to begin again is putting it out on paper. I would be thrilled if I become a reason for you to begin. Hope to read from you soon.

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