#30to30:What is life without a friend?

I always forget her birthday.

She is my best friend. I did that yesterday too.

Every year on different days, she calls me. Tells me,

“Today is Teenu’s birthday. Don’t forget to wish.”

“Its Babil’s birthday. Wish him ok.”

“Its her birthday. Its her birthday. Its their anniversary. It is his birthday.Its her birthday Don’t forget.”

My answer almost always is the same, ” Shit, I almost forgot.” ” I knew you would,” she’d answer in a giggle. “That is why I reminded.Now go, wish.”

She calls on everybody’s birthday. Makes sure I do too.

And then, she texts me on July 22nd too. I always promise myself I will not forget that date the coming year. And shamelessly, I always do. I missed yesterday.

“Ahem, ahem.” came her whatsapp message, afternoon, yesterday.

I instantly knew I had I goofed up, this time too. ” It is the second time, don’t repeat.” she replied and I almost saw her face in my eyes. Only she can be as forgiving as her. Only this woman won’t judge me for messing up, each time. She is the best I have. The one who believes in me even when I give up on myself. The one who  gives me the celebrity vibes even when I am nothing. The one who knows to read me sitting miles away. The one who I can send a hundred pictures to and expect a comment on each one on them. The one who gets all my trial room pictures to help make shopping decisions. She has seen me drool in love, break in pain, scream in anger, ignore in ego and still held on to me, tight. Very tight.

My #30to30 would be so friendless if I didn’t mention her. How much she means to me. And how much I will always be grateful for her in my life. She is a friend I have had, lost and won all over again. She is the craziness that keeps me sane, motivated and wanted at all times.

Dy, to you and your love. You mean so,so much to me.

You are my promise that my thirties will be as young as my twenties. Why 30. Even the sixties. I want to grow old with you. If at all, you and will.

Not always does life give you preciousness in the form of friends, but when it does, don’t let that go. Hold on, make every extra effort to cling on.

And please don’t forget birthdays like I do!

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