#30to30:Who chooses our religion?

For the first time, I answered the question I have expected all along, “Umma who chooses our religion?” my eight year old asked while we were driving home last night.I always knew this would come.

“If God made us, couldn’t he chose to put all of us in one religion.” There were many innocent doubts about this one.

“Of course, we are all part of only one religion, Yaani. The one of humanity. And the one we are forgetting a little more, every day.”

True. We don’t chose religion. In reality, we hardly have a choice with any thing. We are just handed it all down. And yet we try with all our might to defend things that weren’t even won by us in the first place.

Pa always sang to us as children ,”Tu Hindu banega na Musalmaan banega, Insaan ki Aulad hai, insan banega.”
(translated, you will neither be a Hindu, nor a Muslim. You are the child of human, you will be human.”

Along with deforestation, global warming and technology inspired insenstivity, let us try and not hand over religious intolerance over to the next generation.

..and it was now time to start singing to Yaani.





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