#30to30:The one with the weight loss.

I realize whatever I write, most of the attention still goes to my weight loss. I am extremely happy that this has worked for me.  I know how stressful it can get to lose weight and win self confidence. I have felt so terrible on days. One such day, a friend told me, “ If you don’t lose weight now, they will call Rafeeq your son. “ I cried my heart out that day. Cried all I wanted. I was young. Cried some more. And decided I will cry all I want that day and not cry ever agin. True, it is tough losing weight. But then, it is not impossible right?

I will write exactly how I lost weight.There are times I have been utterly wrong and the method has not been right at all. However, I will tell you just like it has been for me.

The decisions to take, the rights and wrongs, judgements are yours to make. And those who know me well enough, know my relationship with food. I have a complete love-hate relationship with food.

I started with the treadmill. Only the treadmill. I would often read a book placed on the treadmill. And go straight to 60 minutes. I had no clue how losing weight was back then. Not enough knowledge of strength training or any other workout pattern. I just did my walking/ slow run on the treadmill. Now, I know staying that long is harmful to the knees.As for food, I cut everything that tempted me. And stuck to eating clean.

Slowly as I started seeing a difference in the scales, I focussed on ab workouts. Not that I learnt anything. 😀 Just happened to see the others in the gym doing way too many things and I felt left behind. Food was still very controlled. In this time I have also done the General Motors diet. My super best friend/cousin and I would starve ourselves on some weird diets after another. I don’t recommend any crash diets at all at this point. But the truth is, I have done quite a few. Not very healthy.

And then slowly with only cardio I was losing weight. I still hadn’t gotten my hand on strength training. So there was a lot of toning still required. But slowly I would get there.

Whatever I did, I made sure I did it every day. I wasn’t ready to give it up this time round. And each time Raf would tell me, ” You will make it” , I was willing to do more.

Then there were days of home workout videos. I have done the Jillian Michaels-30day shred, some pilates and anything I caught my hands on for the times I couldn’t make it to the gym with a little baby.

Then came the first gym membership. All this while I was in my building gym. That is where I lost most of the weight. Now, I wanted to learn. So a gym membership, classes, an awesome friend who would come to the gym and later come to breakfast with me did a lot of help. I was slowly getting stronger in my body and head. From then on, I kept that workout constant. Ate little portions( my husband will have a difference of opinion here).

A second gym. Newer classes. I would attend any and every class that they had. Kickboxing, step aerobics, pilates, trampoline lessons, boot camp, strength training, zumba, all that was on the gym schedule.

And by then, I realized it was more important for me to lose weight in my head than my body. There was hardly any who saw the body, but I was constantly stressing in my head. I needed to change the ‘a’ in ‘fat’ to an ‘i’. And I did.

I was no longer having any form of refined sugar, white flour and red meat. My lovely gynaec asked me once, ”

“Do you eat chocolates?”


“Ice cream”


“Any sweet?”


“Why do you live?” she laughed. True. I had given up almost everything the time I battled PCOD.

And then for my magic wand. My yoga instructor walked into my life. She has been the spell that you see in any new post. An insane company of a friend and the best of teachers was now making working out, something we looked out for everyday. With too much fun, I was finally laughing my way into weight loss. I was eating better, laughing more and toning lots more. So that is that.

And yes, fall in love. With yourself.

Whatever I did, I did not give up. Hope that helps. Much love.





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