Go Girl, Fight for it

This is a life of a moment. Everything that happens here, takes one moment to come about, change, destroy, have and lose. This life is less about days and nights. More, moments and memories. Who among us isn’t afraid? Who doesn’t fear that a moment will change lives forever? And some fears are fears that are shared. Like an examination or the fear of labor in pregnancy. A lot of us fear the same thing which doesn’t make this fear any less terrifying. Neither does sharing the pain, make the pain any less painful. Nor, convinces enough to overcome the fear. No matter, how shared or how common, a fear is one’s alone. To face, fight and overcome.
I woke up this morning with a call from my gynaec. An ultra sound scan a day before now required a follow up with a mammogram. Of course, what is to worry about? So many get mammograms done as part of their routine check ups, right? But, for a moment, I froze. It suddenly didn’t matter to me how many get it done or how it was just being done to rule out any suspicion, even if it occurred in the slightest. At that point at 10.19 am today, I was scared. And that is all I knew. Some places are terrifying. Some incidents are. Some people are. And now I realize, some words are.
No, I am not here to discuss my fear. Fear is the norm of nature. After all isn’t fear what makes for the survival of the fittest. Fear is what forces change. Fear is the first step to strength. But I am here to tell you that I understand when you say you are afraid. Even if that means fear of the lizard that fell off when you drew the curtain the last time. Who am I or anyone to tell you that some types of fear are less scarier than others. If there is one thing to know it is only this- if you alone face fear, it is yours alone to fight.
Stick your tongue out at fear. Go Girl, Fight for it.

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