They too got to fly away

You think they will stay. But they too, got to fly away.
It is not always that you have the chance to bid the bye. Not always the strength to say the sorry. Not always the time to live the love. While you do, you and me must make every effort to say the many things we think will simply be understood. For all that is now mine, will one day be gone just like that.
A few days before my grandfather passed away, Mom had reminded me to give him a call. It had been a week and more then, he had been asking Ma how I was coping with moving to Saudi Arabia. Its been over 10 years now. I still haven’t been able to tell him “Saudi Arabia is fun Nana. But I miss you.” I will always have that phone call weigh on my heart. I am sure he had guessed his granddaughter was fine. But no, that is not what mattered. I have since then, repeated those words a countless times without my listener.
Some things are as simple as,
“You are awesome.”
“I love you.”
“I miss you more than you know.”
“You are doing a great job”
“Thank you”
“I am sorry”
“I just thought of you.”
And sometimes we are thinking it’s ok to just not say it enough or say it out loud. But I have realized in the last so many years, there is not one person around who doesn’t get thrilled just hearing those words come their way.
Think of that person you haven’t said so too in the longest time. Call, talk, text, meet. Tell them,
“I think of you today.”
You think they will stay. But they too, got to fly away.
For each of you, who in so many ways, make such an effort to drop in a comment, find out about me, keep me in your thoughts and make me feel so much more important than I ever deserve,
“I love you.”

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