#30to30: Ma is my shooting star

It is beyond beautiful that a period of nine months can bring about life. But if there is something I know of, as in fact the most beautiful phenomenon of life,is how in these nine months is born, the most flawless, perfect, selfless and all encompassing human being- the mother. I cannot help but be…

#30to30 : Keep your wonder alive

There is one thing I can say with certainty from all these years. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that can be at par with the feeling that accompanies the simple pleasures of life. To soak in the sounds of the sea, the silence of the sky, the serenity of the sand. All the speed of…

Today, I am food-ie-d.

  Of all descriptions, I never described myself a foodie. In my head, a foodie was one who worked around the intricacies of food, one who explored tastes and named a spice when it crackled on the taste buds. To me, food was something I denied myself, often deliberately because the calories counted to be…

As calm as her pink lipstick

  Death, I assume is insanely, tranquil. Just as calm as her beautiful pink lipstick. Minutes before the bed is pushed into the Operation Theatre or just prior to being shifted to the operating table, comes a point when reluctance pushes through to a reluctant acceptance. The innate fear transforms to a strength to survive….

This is the life of a destitute.

It’s been 23 days today. I have seen an expired visa hold back life, more cruelly, death. Today, when I wish more than anything for some help, I silently wish even more that Haridas had had some documents. It perhaps wouldn’t have been so hard then. Bhaskaran Haridas was a highly reputed photographer. Like any…

Step out of my shoe

Step out of my shoe, You’ve far been in here,  That its crowded for the two. I know you care, but please dear. They always say, Step in to know, You did, you may, But now you refuse to go. No less are my issues, That i need deal more. You’ve passed me the tissues….

Mammootty, over the phone.

Vibha is lovely.In the sense, she is an ordinary, full of simplicity, a fun loving type.I couldn’t say totally fun loving, because she does get boring when it comes to staying up really late in the night or going out late on a Friday evening.(She works on Saturdays!Sigh!) She has her reservations with a lot…

The perfect CV, so we think. ;)

Look around us.Seldom do we find people who think like us,talk like us or behave like us.The very excitement we cant contain when we happen to come across that someone who mirrors our characteristics explains how such meetings are such a rarity. Now,look at our CVs.We just start looking all the same all of a…


He lived.He died.Nothing otherwise

I want to be Buson’s butterfly.

“Perched upon the temple bell,the butterfly sleeps” Stillness,Buson trapped in the lines. I sit on the corner of my couch.Just a minute back, the temple bell pictured in my mind as capable of making lesser reverberations than my two bedroom apartment. For just this moment I want to be that butterfly.