Oh dear, are you a feminist?

“Oh dear, are you a feminist?”
I looked up once in the eye that asked the woman in me a question such as this.
“Give me a reason, a reason to believe I shouldn’t be one. A reason for that matter, any woman shouldn’t or wouldn’t be a feminist.
As I sat at a coffee shop nested in the busy mall, I sat looking at all the women who walked by. Some strong, some bold, some wobbly, some old. And thought over my cup of tea, why wouldn’t any of them want to be a feminist?
A feminist isn’t a woman screaming for attention. A feminist is one who believes in what she does. A feminist isn’t a woman who fights wars with the man. She is the one who realizes her strength lies within her and needn’t be borrowed. A feminist isn’t she who wants to control the world. It is she who stands up against controls that topple her world. She is not an angry woman who does not believe in gender roles. She is one who does not allow roles define how much she can go ahead and achieve. She is not that woman stereotyped with cropped hair, anti-man, angry, noisy and unnecessary loud. She is the one who even in her quietest, believes in her independence, trusts her choices and lives for her identity.
No body in this world need be told what to do and how much of it to do?
A woman, just like the man is free to follow her heart.If sacrificing a career for family is what she chooses to do, I adore that feminism in her. If career over children be her choice, this feminist needn’t be overtaken with guilt. If her happiness lies in the perfectly cooked dinner, I salute that kind of feminism. If heading a team it is, such feminism needs to be celebrated too.
No. A feminist isn’t the woman alone. To all the men, who believe the women around them are individuals who have the right to make a choice, live that choice and take pride in the choice, you too are a feminist.
I am the daughter of a feminist father. I am the wife of a feminist husband. I am the mother of feminist boys.
Oh yes, I am a feminist.

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