Since the time I remember being me, I have always counted down days to my birthday, Every year till this. When I was younger, I counted from 364 days. A few years later I started from six months on. And then in the years that followed, even when I stopped being very vocal about it, I would religiously count down from 60 days prior to the most loved day of my year.

This year gives me the butterflies. I am not too sure about how I feel changing a whole digit and turning 30. Of course, what lies in age? But if you are one who obsesses about every August 8, this year, age snarls at me. It is absolutely stupid to be making such a big deal about a day one has no contribution whatsoever to. But at the same time if there is one stupidity I do not feel embarrassed to live with, that is just this, I obsess rather fervently about my birthday.

I have 30 days to go. And every day of these 30 days, I will share with you one post about the 30 years that have influenced me, the years that I have influenced,everything around and about me.

I would love if you would share #30to30 with me.

Happy Reading.