#30to30: Ma is my shooting star

It is beyond beautiful that a period of nine months can bring about life. But if there is something I know of, as in fact the most beautiful phenomenon of life,is how in these nine months is born, the most flawless, perfect, selfless and all encompassing human being- the mother. I cannot help but be awed at all the times I have seen mothers,their ways and their days. I often ask myself, How? How can this one person be so many people all at once. 

Ma is the one word we have a rollercoaster relationship with. Ups and downs, speeds and thrills, fears and excitements. At different stages of life, different equations. But you know as long as she exists you have a place to fall back to. She is the rainfall that soothes. She is the smell of the earth you belong to. She is the sunshine that warms. She is the cloud that protects. She is the star that guides. Most of all Ma is my shooting star. The one who keeps my faith in miracles alive.

Ma pushes me everyday to write. She bribes me in so many different ways to complete. Somedays a request, somedays an order, somedays a friend, some days a fan and most days, the silent prayer. On days I crash, feeling absolutely useless, I think of the cup of coffee she would bring to my table at 3 am. No wonder even after being a tea lover, the smell of coffee reminds me that I must go on. It cant stop. The smell of coffee reminds me that someone in another part of the world believes in me more than I do in myself. On days I feel like a speck, all I need do is look into my mothers eyes. I am her world.

Mothers begin centre stage. She is the , you are not just the centre of my universe. You are the insides, the outsides, the periphery, everything surrounding, within and beyond my universe. For if you are, I am.


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